I offer Yoga as a holistic practice: throughout my teachings, incorporating my passion as a Naturopath - I find Naturopathy and Yoga complement each other beautifully. For me it is important to teach from this perspective incorporating health, spirituality and lifestyle.


I enjoy sharing the functions and processes happening within the body as you move through your Yoga practice. I teach classes with distinct narratives and themes, ranging in tone from fierce and fiery, to fluid and gentle, laced with philosophy and holistic undertones of self-care and love.

I chose to complete my teacher training with the Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute (YIMI), as it followed an integrative medicinal approach, combining western biomedicine with eastern Yoga philosophy.


The style of Yoga that I teach is Hatha, with a focus on alignment and mindfulness. 

Yoga has been an incredibly healing and empowering force in my life, and I aim to pass this on to my students, while providing a fun, safe and accessible yoga experience. I look forward to connecting with you.