Jasmine’s classes are nurturing but powerful, with attention to the subtle. Her grounding presence and heartfelt guidance supports you to connect within, inspiring you to explore the richness of the inner world and the delight of embodiment. 


Jasmine skillfully and intuitively leads a yoga practice to empower and soften; to unite awareness with energy.


She is inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom teachings; the passion and longing of poets such as Rumi; and the rhythms, cycles and elements of Mother Nature.  

Jasmine provides a warm and welcoming space to slow down, unravel, and connect. Yoga for Jasmine is a pathway to intimacy with Life itself; a return into the sacred centre that most of modern life insists on turning us away from.  


Students attending her classes report feeling super light yet deeply grounded, reflecting her balanced teaching style that incorporates movement, stillness, strength and softness.  


Her intention is to invite your awareness home into your body, awakening inner wisdom, power & energy, whilst soothing and strengthening the nervous system, and calming the mind. 


Jasmine completed her yoga teacher training on the Sunshine Coast in 2011, and has been devoted to teaching yoga ever since.  This marked a significant career change after her studies in psychology, which she now integrates into her teaching by honouring the human being on the path of healing, combined with the mystical revelation of our true nature. 


Jasmine loves to chant mantras and advocates the healing power of voice & sound - chances are she will sing you out of savasana!  

Off the mat, she is in the beauty of nature, frolicking barefoot in the forest, pouring heart out through her pen, & dancing wildly in her garden or kitchen!