Everyone has something that helps them to find their way back to the truth about themselves – for me, this is yoga.

Having first stumbled upon yoga through a friend who took me along to a class with Kate Pell, it slowly became a place that I could begin to release the tension and stress of everyday life. Yoga supports me through illness, injury, through overwhelming emotional times, and continues to teach me the truth of my body and mind.

I have been lucky enough to complete by teacher training with Kate Pell and Dan Alder from the Yoga Den, and then study with brilliant teachers, both here in Brisbane and overseas. I am constantly reminded that Yoga is both a personal and challenging practice that is never ending, and unique to every single person.

I am mostly influenced by the teachings of BKS Iyengar, and am currently immersed in more long-term teacher training, this time in the Iyengar method. I am passionate about Yoga being a supportive and mindful method for athletes, and an essential ingredient in surviving the pressures of modern life. It is a space for me to observe and take the time to listen and heal my body, and observe my thoughts. It also teaches me that staying connected to my inner child is a key to not taking life too seriously.

My classes vary in style dependent upon what my students need, but you can always count on a practice with me that is curious, grounding, fun, honest and suitable for any level.

Jaimee xx