Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect on my first visit ?


On your first trip to Santosha its likely you'll feel a little nervous/excited/nervous. Don't worry, once one of our friendly teachers greets you, you'll likely feel right at home. Some classes are very quiet to begin with, students can arrive early and use the space to rest, so please be a little mindful of that as you enter the room. You will be shown around and our teachers will let you know where the bathroom is, where you can put your things, where all the equipment is etc. If you don't book online, your teacher will ask you for some details to register you as a student at Santosha. To save time, you can do this online before you come.

First time visitors can purchase a Welcome Pass of all the yoga you can eat for a week for $25! (All weekly casual classes included.) Once you are registered and paid, you can settle in for your class.

How can I pay for my class ?


Either online beforehand when you book, or the studio has facilities for eftpos and cash. Please note the regular eftpos charge of $0.50 for cheque/savings, and $1 for credit. If you do not wish to pay this fee, please bring cash. 

Do I need to book ?


For courses, workshops, Deep Relax and Yoga with Childcare, bookings are essential. For all other classes you are welcome to just turn up. However, because our classes are capped at 16 people, to ensure everyone in the room can receive individual attention as needs be, booking is recommended to avoid showing up to a class and discovering there's no room. Some class times are fuller than others, so it can be best to book to be safe. Plus when you book, we lay out a mat and bolster for you, so that half the set up is done and you can waltz in with 5 mins to spare and feel ready!

Click here to purchase your pass and book your place online. 

When should I arrive for class ?


We will open the doors for you 15 minutes before class starts (except for 6ams which are a few minutes later). Ideally you would arrive between 15 and 5 minutes early to sort payment if necessary and get set up to start on time. It makes for a happy class if everyone is settled and ready a couple of minutes before class begins. Being just this little bit early is a great way to show respect to yourself, your teacher, and the other students.


Its best not to arrive more than 15 minutes early if it can be avoided, but if you do arrive super early, please be considerate as you tottle down the stairs, as there may be a class on still. If so, please wait on the stairs out of view of the students in the room, so as not to distract them from their practice.

What if I'm late ?

Though definitely best not to be, it's not a huge deal if you're a couple of minutes late to class, but more than 5 can be disruptive to the students, the teacher and yourself, as your practice will be missing its beginning. Please try to be on time. If you have booked but don't arrive by the start of class time, your spot may be given to someone else if there are people hoping for a spot in a full class.

What do I need to bring ?


We have all the mats and props you will need free of charge, of course if you do have a mat you prefer to practise on, you're more than welcome to bring your own.

If you tend to sweat a lot with physical activity, you may wish to bring a small towel to keep beside you.

You may also like to bring a drink bottle. We have filtered water and complimentary teas available.

What should I wear ?


It's best to practise yoga in super comfortable clothing. You will be making all sorts of shapes with your body, so you want to make sure your clothes allow for movement, and don't expose you in ways that are uncomfortable for you or other students. Stretchy leggings, or long relaxed-around-the-waist shorts, singlet tops or t-shirts - these kinds of things work for yoga. Think active wear, but without the pressure to look "cool".

Bare your soles. Yoga is practised in bare feet. In colder months, wonderful to bring socks for resting poses when the body cools down.

Please don't wear strong perfumes to class. Some moisturisers and perfumes can create allergic responses, and/or be overpowering for some. 

Whats the general 'vibe' of the studio/community like ?

It's super important to us that Santosha feels free of exclusiveness, competitiveness and expectation. The students who frequent Santosha range from teenagers to seniors, and we cater to all levels of experience, suppleness and strength. As such, the Santosha mob is an eclectic bunch, and we like it that way. We have gathered and cultivated, collectively, a community of souls who support and respect one another. ​


The studio space itself has a softening effect on us all. It is heart-warming, humble and homely. Our floor to ceiling windows open right up onto the vibrant garden, and we keep the lighting as natural as possible, with a gentle glow from many salt lamps and candles.  It feels delicious, and deeply soothing.

Is it ok to eat before class ? 


It's best to avoid having a big meal right before class. We recommend giving yourself 2 hours of digestion after a big meal before any asana practice.

Of course this isn't a strict rule, you'll eat when you want to, a light snack before is fine. It is likely you'll enjoy your practice much more and feel lighter and brighter if your tummy is not full of food.

Can I have my phone with me ?


Absolutely not, unless you are on call for something urgent. If that is the case, please explain this to your teacher, and have your phone on vibrate next to you, so you can take the phone and yourself out of the room to answer it as soon as you hear it go. That's last resort-land though.


For many, yoga is the place they get to switch off from the busyness of a world connected to our phones, when a phone rings or even vibrates loudly in class, it can be agitating to even the most enlightened yogi!

If I'm sick or have an injury, what should I do?


If you have a cold or flu and may be contagious, please consider resting at home and returning to classes when you are feeling better. Resting in bed yoga is still great yoga!

If you have other health concerns or injuries please tell us prior to class. Our teachers are experienced and very well-trained. Of course they're not medicos, so may not have that level of understanding of how to help, but they know a fair bit! Most of all that you must listen to the wisdom of what you're body's saying, and act accordingly. We care and we make sure we look after your needs to our utmost ability. If we can offer guidance we will, and we certainly will encourage you to modify the practice to suit your needs. Anything you share with your teacher is confidential between the two of you, so please let each teacher know what you'd like them to be aware of as you meet them. Arrive a little earlier to class if you would like to discus a particular health issue. 

How should I practice if I'm menstruating ? 


Get this: extensive experiments were conducted by the Russian Ballet Company. Half of the ballerinas practised just as intensively when they were menstruating, and the other half had time off. They found that the half who continued their rigorous practice had far more injuries in the month that followed, than those who rested. Our bodies need time to rejuvenate, we are cyclic creatures. We recommend you honour these natural rhythms and take it easy when you have your menses. But we also know that you know your body better than anyone, so we absolutely trust you to do what feels best for you. 

Traditionally inversions and heating breath practices like Kapalabhati are not practised during menstruation. Our teachers will do their best to point out when necessary what to avoid if you are on your cycle.

What's your advice for pregnant students ?


Depending on how far along you are, your practice will need to change as your baby grows. There's no reason why you can't continue to practise for your entire pregnancy - its just about learning what shapes will work for you and bub, and what to avoid to keep you both safe and comfy. Please ask your teacher for guidance if you don't know the best way to modify for the stage of pregnancy you are in. If you are pregnant and new to Yoga, you might like to rest for the first trimester - that will be up to you, please chat with your teacher.

Tell me more about the teachers


The teachers at Santosha have completed at least 350 hours of professional teacher training, most of them many, many more, and continue to deepen and expand their understanding through further professional development and consistent personal practice.

All of our teachers have been practising Yoga both on and off the mat for many years, and we all live with as much presence, authenticity, courage and compassion as we understand in each moment.

For more information on our teachers click here.

Do you guys Om?


Why yes we do :) Not always, but yes, we are that kind of studio. The kind of studio that values the innate spiritual nature of yoga. If we stripped that out, we'd be ripping you off. But we come at it from a grounded perspective. What you'll find about 'Om's' and other spiritual adornments at Santosha is that we mean it, we enjoy it, and still we don't take it all so seriously. All our teachers are sincere in their expressions of the spiritual aspects, and we invite you to be so totally true to whatever spirituality is to you. No dogma of any sort, not even no dogma-dogma.


Is there anything else I should know?


Incase its of interest to you (it is very important to us) - All our yoga props are handmade or purchased with the earth we belong to in mind. Most of the bolsters are made by the Santosha family, using organic cotton, filled with recycled plastic water bottles (and are super comfy!). Blankets are recycled wool and other materials; or are pre-loved woollen blankets. Blocks are made of cork, a much more sustainable product than synthetic foam. Belts are made of locally grown & woven cotton. All cleaning products are earth-loving.

AND we make good use of local business wherever possible, to minimise transport miles and to support our community. If you see someplace where we could reduce our imprint upon the earth and be more effective in our efforts for positive change, feel free to leave a suggestion for us by email, or in the suggestions box at the studio - we appreciate your input!