Courses  &  Series

Courses and series are a chance to delve deeper into particular aspects of Yoga.

You'll find something for everyone at different times, whether you're just beginning your movement or meditation practice; or you're keen to dive even more into the open space of your being, and feel yourself unfurl more into Life.


Cultivate a strong foundation for an enlivening, enjoyable Yoga practice.

Saturdays 1 Feb - 7 March 2020

10am - 11.15am


Teacher: Diane Cousineau

Course cost: $110+gst includes 6 weekly classes

($90+gst Santosha members, & concession - full time students & pensioners)

The Intro to Yoga Course is a supportive opportunity for those new to Yoga, as well as those returning to practice or working with injury, to create a solid practice from the beginning, and one that is tailored to you. This very popular course is taught by experienced Santosha teachers in small groups. It explores: 


~ What is Yoga? 

~ Foundational postures & breath

~ Central alignment for your body, to guide you towards a safe, sustainable practice

~ The JOY of it! 


This is a six week course (one class per week), designed for those coming to Yoga for the first time. 


Week by week, the course builds on what came before. We look at the different ways the body moves in Yoga, at central aspects of alignment, the breath, and the basic Yoga postures as they are experienced in your body and mind. Along with a brief introduction to some of the core philosophy underpinning the practice. 


This course leaves you with an understanding of how to practice in a way that's most suited to you, which provides a sense of much greater ease and enjoyment, as you continue on your journey with Yoga.


We look forward to welcoming you.



Diane is one of our highly experienced, well-loved teachers - you are in great hands :)

With an engaging passion for all things Yoga, Physiotherapy and Stretch Therapy, a keen eye for her students' needs, and a loveable wit, Di is an invaluable source of knowledge and a general delight.

You can read more about her here.

INVESTMENT:  $110+gst for 6 weeks.

We also offer a concession rate of $90+gst for pensioners and full-time students.

Santosha members, and those who hold a 6 or 12 month unlimited pass, also qualify for this discounted pass.

Please email us directly to arrange your booking if you would like the concession rate.


Bookings are made online - please click HERE.


QUESTIONS:  // Ally 0416 564 808

CLEAR MIND MEDITATION: How to develop a daily practice (6 week course)

Sundays  5pm - 6.30pm

2 February - 8 March

Teacher: Chae Grace

Course cost: $165+gst includes 6 weekly 1.5 hour classes PLUS complimentary attendance for every Guided Meditation class (Tuesdays & Thursdays 7.30-8am) as well as Meditation & Discussion (Wednesdays 7.45-8.30pm) for the duration of the course.

Bookings: Here

($135+gst Santosha members & concession - full time students & pensioners)


Clear Mind Meditation: How to develop a daily practice, is an Introduction to Meditation, and offers a clear and steady progression through tools and techniques that work to purify the mind and lead to an effortless and joyful daily meditation practice.  This course is designed to benefit both those completely new to Meditation and experienced meditators

The essential teachings and techniques offered in this 6 week course are condensed from 20 years of Chae’s personal practice and the wisdom transmitted from Chae’s own teachers. 

Each week we will concentrate on a specific meditation process for you to take home and practise. Each process will follow on from the next, taking you deeper into yourself. By the end of the course it is Chae’s intention for you to be empowered with a strong daily Meditation practice, and the confidence to apply the wisdom of the teachings in your everyday life.  

Included in the course will be breath work, Mantra recitation, Samatha (one-pointed) Meditation, self-enquiry, and study of the teachings.  The Course is not based on a religion, and the teachings are non-religious.  “Who am I” is the context for the teachings, and the realisation of the Self beyond the constructs of mind.  Chae’s teaching method is simple, condensed, and focuses on mobilising the mind for happiness and contentment in everyday life. 

The course includes 6 x 90 minute classes on Sundays 5-6.30pm. 
In addition, you also receive a gift of complimentary attendance at all of our Guided Meditation classes 7.30-8am Tuesdays & Thursdays, as well as Meditation & Discussion (Wednesdays 7.45-8.30pm) for the duration of the course.

By requests from past students, we have extended the class each week from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Don't worry, you're not asked to sit in silent meditation that whole time! 


Come as you are, no experience necessary.

Chae is able to support both new and experienced meditators.


Some of the student feedback from the previous meditation course with Chae:


"The insight Chae shared is something you can’t find in a book or online. This combined with Santosha’s energy was a treat for the soul."

"The course took my existing meditation practice to a new level."

"I signed up with the expectation that I would finish this course equipped with a toolkit for me to use to address an overly busy mind, issues with anxiety etc. In the end, I felt that it was much more profound than this, and I left the course with a sort of 'starter kit' which would help me start and develop my meditative practice as part of a much longer-term process of understanding myself and my place amongst others and in the world. It was a really empowering experience - thank you."


"Chae has a gentle and welcoming teaching style which made me feel comfortable as a novice to meditation. Thanks to the way she taught us techniques which she then built on over the weeks I was able to establish a daily meditation practice which has made a big difference in my life."

"I didn't realise how much I needed meditation in my life until I did this course, even just 5 minutes a day makes a difference for me. Lots of love and support in the space from the teacher and other participants."


"The generosity of the course, students, teacher and the Santosha space allowed me to begin to find about myself, what I had forgotten I already had."



$165+gst for 6 weeks |  $135+gst Concession & Members

We offer the discounted rate of $135+gst for Santosha members (those on the 6 month commitment membership plan). Pensioners and full-time tertiary students, and Santosha students who hold a 6 or 12 month unlimited pass, also qualify for this discounted pass.

Payment plans are available for either pass, should you need one. This is no trouble at all. You can arrange your payments via bank transfer according to your capacity, as long as they are in equal weekly amounts, and the full amount is paid by the end of the third week of the course. 


If you would like to organise a discounted pass or a payment plan, please contact Ally via text on 0416 564 808 or email (Please be aware that Ally works other jobs also, so will get back to you as soon as she is able. Please allow time for this.)





It's vital you can make the first and last classes in the course. Apart from that, any unattended classes within the course are forfeited from your pass, but if you can't make a class, please do continue to attend the following weeks - you will still gain much benefit.

“There are no impediments to meditation. The very thought of such obstacles is the greatest impediment. “ - Ramana Maharishi


Chae Grace

Chae’s early studies were influenced by an interest in the subtle energies of the body, and began with training in Shiatsu Massage at the Shiatsu Ryoho Centre in Sydney. This led to additional training as a Ryoho Yoga Instructor. It was during this period of study in her early 20’s that Chae was first introduced to eastern philosophies of Nature of Mind.


In pursuit of the Truth, Chae was drawn to Buddhism and Buddhist practices that significantly impacted her life. Furthering her interest, Chae trained to facilitate Samatha Meditation courses, and for many years practised and taught both Yoga and Meditation.


In 2007 Chae received initiation from an ancient Indian Shaktipat Lineage of the Hindu tradition. The influence of the Shakti (spiritual) energy combined with the crazy wisdom guidance of her teacher, Chae became inspired to teach Tantra. Working with this energy for more than ten years, Chae is passionate about translating it and making the teachings accessible for practical application into peoples’ everyday lives. 


Through Meditation, Chanting, Yoga and studying the teachings, Chae maintains her connection with the Shakti (spiritual) energy as it works to purify the mental and physical bodies, and energy meridians and chakras in the subtle body for heightened awareness, a clear and happy mind and deep meditation.


Bookings are made online - please click HERE.


ENQUIRIES  |  Ally 0416 564 808

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