Ché’s early studies were influenced by an interest in the subtle energies of the body, and began with training in Shiatsu Massage at the Shiatsu Ryoho Centre in Sydney. This led to additional training as a Ryoho Yoga Instructor. It was during this period of study in their early 20’s that Ché was first introduced to eastern philosophies of Nature of Mind.


In pursuit of the Truth, Ché was drawn to Buddhism and Buddhist practices that significantly impacted their life. Furthering their interest, Ché trained to facilitate Samatha Meditation courses, and for many years practised and taught both Yoga and Meditation.


In 2007 Ché received initiation from an ancient Indian Shaktipat Lineage of the Hindu tradition. The influence of the Shakti (spiritual) energy combined with the crazy wisdom guidance of their teacher, inspired Ché to teach Tantra. Working with this energy for more than ten years, Ché is passionate about translating it and making the teachings accessible for practical application into peoples’ everyday lives. 


Through Meditation, Chanting, Yoga & studying the teachings, Ché maintains their connection with the Shakti (spiritual) energy as it works to purify the mental & physical bodies, and energy meridians & chakras in the subtle body for heightened awareness, a clear and happy mind & deep meditation.