Yoga for me neither starts nor ends with Asana, the shapes we create with our bodies in Yoga classes. Yoga for me is an endless exploration into the union of mind and body, into our connectedness with one another, and into our relationship with the earth. It is an approach to life.


My classes are intended to allow you to step into this exploration, into this endless journey, guided by curiosity and creativity.


Without a specific intention to teach, I completed my 200h teacher training with Embodied Flow (TM), out of a yearning to deepen my practice and learn more about the roots of the practice, that keep spiking my interest and kept bringing me back to the mat.


However, since coming back from this training, I’ve found myself wanting to share the magic that I experienced in that time. Teaching yoga is deeply satisfying for me, as I get to share something I love. It also has a completely selfish component to it, as preparing my classes allows me to dive deeper into the material and keeps me on this journey.


I am teaching Evening Unwind Wednesday evenings from 7:50pm-8:50pm at Santosha. Come play with me!