In addition to being a greatly loved teacher at Santosha, Belle is also our resident artist & is currently painting our beautiful 8-Limbs of Yoga tree on our back door.⁣ Belle is a creative practitioner of Yoga & of art, and brings this creativity to her classes.⁣ Through a fluid, alignment-based asana practice, she facilitates a safe, inspiring space of shared exploration.⁣


For me yoga has been a nourishing source of spiritual learning and embodiment of strength. Yoga philosophy and its integration both on and off the mat informs my practice as well as my day to day life.⁣

My classes offer an alignment-based vinyasa (flowing) style of practice, with a focus on meditation through movement.⁣

I believe that integrating a balance of strength and softness, and finding lightness to energise the body, is the foundation of active asana (physical forms). These classes invite you to find softness in your asana, and offer both gentle and stronger variations to allow the body to work intuitively with varied physical and emotional energy levels.⁣⁣