Santosha came into being out a great love for humanity, the Earth & Life itself. 

My intention is to nurture a nourishing space, right in the city where we need it most, for the collective mind to relax, and through this inward practice, for the shared Heart to be gently unveiled. For us all to remember the quiet simplicity of what we are made of - for us to know undoubtedly with a smile of Heart, that we are both "a drop in the Ocean, and the Ocean in a drop".

My hope is that as we find the courage to relax our learnt resistances a little, we can open to trusting ourselves, each other, and the boundless wisdom of Life, to find the simple joy in it all again.  I created Santosha in an unshakable belief in the power of compassion and authenticity to reconnect us with ourselves, each other, and our incredible world - to reconnect us with the deepest ground of what we are - Life itself. 

May all beings know peace, gentle courage, and contentment of Heart.

And may we all more than occasionally feel like dancing :)